Stanley Fisher began his career in a
bedroom of his parent's house at the
age of 15. As a teenager, he was
curious about technology, inspired by
music and completely confused with
himself. He set out to understand the
creative process and the world around

him through the theatrical arts. 


With two decades of experience; Stanley is a classically trained actor
who has voiced, produced, or directed local, regional, and national 
radio  commercial advertising, performed in over 22 theatrical performances, voiced and produced audiobooks, gaming audio, radio programming content for National Charities, produced National Radio, hosted radio shows, performed on camera for commercial advertising, and independent 
films, mentored young talent, wrote screenplays and monologues and radio commercials, all while holding down a twenty-plus broadcasting career for major broadcast companies as an on-air talent, producer, and award-winning Creative Services Director.

Stanley is also a certified Self-Mastery Coach (Life Coach). When working with Stanley he truly provides a creative and well-deserved experience.