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Mind Breath
and Voice Workshop

Mind, Breathe, And Voice Workshop Is A 2-Day Online, Group, Training Course That Provides Advanced Level Understanding Of The Mind, Body, Breathe Connection That Allows You To Effortlessly Shift Into The Vocal Placement That Serves The Character You Are Creating. 

Workshop Description

The frame up to your script interpretation is one of the most neglected parts of your interpretation experience. In this workshop we will teach you concepts that will help you slow down, connect to the moment so you can prime the pump on what you are there to do.


In the frame up is where we allow ourselves to focus on what matters the most before reading the copy. If you don’t slow down and allow yourself to be more mindful you will find yourself struggling to connect to what you are reading and experiencing in the booth. You’ll learn how to connect to your breath to create freedom in your voice that allows you to effortlessly shift into the vocal placement that serves the character.

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We create from a certain point of view that will open up our imagination.


Pending on which part of your imagination you pull from will determine the outcome of what you are creating.

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How you think affects how you breathe. Most voice actors don’t know how to use their breath to serve their voice work.

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Resonance awareness and how to create characters.

Meet the C oaches

Workshop Basics

This course takes students deep into the design of
their voice acting characters. It powerfully provides
the understanding of why your characters feel the
way they do and how you can embody those
emotions to easily transcend into character.

Recording Studio

DAY 1 Saturday, April 22nd 

On day 1 we will cover the main concepts of the workshop: Mind, Breath, and Voice.

Get to Know Us

DAY 2 Sunday April 23rd

Everything learned on Day 1 will be implemented on Day 2. Make sure you bring a script!


What's Included

  • Work with Coaches Stanley and Armi

  • Script interpretation skills

  • Directing your imagination for better creative outcomes

  • An understanding of dysfunctional and functional imagination

  • Creating From A More Conscious POV

  • Each class is three to four hours long

  • We will show you how to connect your mind, body, and breathe 

  • Understand your resistance


Training Themes:

- Script Interpretation

- Mind to Body Connection

- Breath Control

- How We Neglect The Creative Process

- Beliefs vs Values

Name, Title

Meet The Coaches

More Details

Parisian Pavement



Saturday April 22nd 


Sunday, April  24th



10:00 am - 2:00 pm PST




$249.00 Per Person


18 Available Seats:

Purchase Ticket Here

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