• Stanley Fisher

Voice of Steel Productions

2009 was by far the hardest year I have had while working in entertainment. The economy at the time was really rough and I definitely felt the effects. People all over the United States were being laid off to make way for a new economy. What I specialized in nearly stopped. The money stopped flowing in. Why? Companies across the U.S. stopped buying commercial advertising. There was nothing to create. Nothing to create meant no money. I lost a lot that spring including: my apartment, most of my stuff, my vocal coach died and I woke up on the beach most mornings in my 1999 Ford Explorer. It was a long, hard journey back to the top.

One day and about a month into this crazy journey I decided to step away from my routine and hang out at a park in Sherman Oaks just off of Van Nuys. On the way I stopped off at CVS on Ventura Blvd to picked up a pad of paper and pen. I picked this particular park because I needed a space where I could think of a design/plan that would get me out of debt and back into a warm bed. Being homeless was not part of the plan and something needed to change. The goal was to dominate my abilities. Instead, a string of crazy events took me on a much different path and i needed to work my way out. It's hard to describe but it felt like the ground just collapsed like in a Indiana Jones Movie. That day in the park I came up with a plan to give back to the community. I created Voice of Steel Productions and I created it as a networking site with education options from around the city. However, the opportunity to create commercial advertising, website audio, demos and children's audio books came around. In a short amount of time the work came flowing in. I ended up helping several film actors, theater and improv actors and broadcasting students convert into the voiceover industry. I ended up making enough money on a regular basis I was able to put myself back into an apartment just off the coast in Venice Beach.

This platform has served me well and i'm very proud of her!

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