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First Moment of Truth

I had a really good time working with Richie on his voiceover work/career today. We picked out a Chrysler script a few weeks ago that he has been working on. I need to tell you, Richie has an outstanding voice and incredible instincts for such a younger actor. The goal for now is to show him how to lock into the script in the first moment. That moment, when played well...will help you

transcend into character. I believe right now for Richie and for anyone else in this particular place, it’s less about the voice and more about how he interprets the script. I want to see him loosen up, be more conversational and reel. Over time we will build into the voice he is thinking about. We focused on the first sentence in the script and then I asked Richie: “What is the first moment of truth in this script?” What's happening? Where are you?

When you ask get answers. Most actors don't know they can ask questions. They just put on a performance and have no clue how they did it.

As a stage actor, the first moment of truth is when the lights fade in and the audience can see the stage for the first time. In that moment the audience is allowed to see into this new world and will be given information to allow them to interpret what might be going on. When you apply this method into your voiceover script it will allow you and sometimes MAKE you slow down and connect to what is happening. I love it when it happens. The feeling you get when you lock on is very powerful. When it happens you are absorbed into a more vulnerable moment. When you lock on to the moment stay locked in and ride the wave. See where the moment takes you. Doing this might help you understand where the character is coming from. Who knows?!?!?! Whatever you choose, apply it, have fun and be brave!

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