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Radiothon Audio

I created Radiothon Audio because I care about the people behind each story. These people come from our communities, our back yards. They are our neighbors, teachers, friends, or maybe even family.

While working at Entercom Upstate in Greenville, SC I was responsible for recording, editing and producing the success stories from the hospital for a 2-day broadcast. This broadcast raises a lot of money for the hospital. Each year we interviewed anywhere from 6 to 14 families. It took us roughly 3 months to produce this content properly. As I got to know they families it hit me what they gr through. These families have been through alot. Sometimes it's a life changing event. Telling their story is not an easy process but it is a VERY important one for a Radiothon broadcast. When these stories come to life though our production process they end up making a real impact on the people listening, the community and their local Children's Hospital. our goal is to make a difference in the lives of children all over the United States. Together, we can we can do that if we work together!

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