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Adversity Makes A Man

My high school football coach used to tell us after a loss that "Adversity Makes A Man". At that age losing a football game was a really big deal. Today, when I "lose" what I wouldn't give to be that kid again. Losing a football game is a lot easier than what we lose as adults. However, it taught us the process for getting up and trying again. To not quit.

As someone who prides himself on constantly winning, it hurts to accept the fact that sometimes I have to lose or fail. Last August I won "Best Production" in South Carolina for the work I provided Entercom and one of our clients, I helped launch the careers of 11 people, I had an amazing place to live and what seemed to be the woman I was going to marry. Today, I am working part time at Publix while navigating my business during the day, I'm staying at a friends house temporarily, my engagement is off and my relationship has stopped. In less than 4 months I watched a tsunami of events come in and wipe out everything. It has been one of the hardest things to watch and deal with.

Before the tsunami arrived I heard God talking to me. He clearly told me to buckle down because a storm was coming. A storm I helped create. Back in January, as the storm was brewing I put my relationship with him first. As I did this I became under attack more than I ever have been. The attacked "ended" the day I was forced to leave my home. It took about 10 days after leaving and the cloud disappeared, the depression started to leave and I could feel control coming back.

In the middle of this storm and for roughly three hours each night while working at Publix I started digesting audio books as a method to push back. I have completed 4 books to help educate myself as a working Entrepreneur, to get my life back on track and to continue my relationship with God. From faith based material to social media to finance, I am digesting as much material as I can to help regrow my crops. Soon they will start growing new fruit. I just need to stay in the game. I took my knee and now i'm getting back up!

I honestly didn't mean for things to get here. However, these moments teach us that while starring in the eye of adversity instead of quitting...all a man can do is stare back, smile and get back up!

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