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What Is

Stanley Fisher Creative?

At Stanley Fisher Creative, we are dedicated to helping small business owners, creative directors, advertising agency's and voice actors thrive

and grow their businesses.

Our mission goes beyond delivering exceptional advertising and creative solutions. We aim to empower our clients by helping them distinguish between creativity and problem-solving. Our approach guides small business owners, creative directors, and voice actors in understanding

their ethos, vision, values, execution, leadership abilities, and commitment to excellence.

Led by Stanley Fisher, a certified Conscious Creative Consultant, our team is committed to fostering a service-based connection with our clients. We empower you to navigate your vision with clarity and confidence, enabling you to serve your clients with dedication and integrity.


Creativity Lead By The Heart.



While we continue to provide high quality advertising resources, we will also continue to serve small business owners, creative directors, and voice actors manifest their end results and visions.


Our aim is to work with high-profile clients and national brands that are effortless to work with, establishing a global presence and reputation for excellence.

Target Audience

At our core, we are dedicated to serving small business owners. creative directors, and artists.


With a comprehensive suite of services, we provide the resources and insights necessary to design compelling advertising campaigns, rebrand your business, and create the essential components for your success.

Our expertise in team building, leadership, visioning, branding, and storytelling ensures that you can overcome creative blocks and achieve the success you envision.

Our Unique Proposition:

What sets us apart is our holistic approach. We not only provide script writing, audio production, voice acting, and branding, but also offer team building, leadership training, self-mastery coaching, and intuition development. Our services are designed to help clients achieve a clear vision for their business and navigate their challenges effectively.

Our Services:

Our multi-tiered approach allows us to cater to diverse needs. ODEO specializes in conceptualizing, writing, voicing, and producing advertisements, even handling voice acting casting. Stanley Fisher Voice Actor focuses on the automotive, amusement park, documentary, and meditation sectors, bringing nearly 30 years of experience. The Voice Acting Institute supports aspiring and seasoned voice actors with branding and ROI improvement. Everyday Conscious Leadership enhances leadership skills for everyday leaders in Tampa, while Conscious Creative Consultant aids artists, creative directors, and small business owners in unlocking their full creative potential.

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We specialize in helping artists, creative directors, and small business owners understand and overcome creative blocks. Our expertise in team building, leadership, visioning, branding, and storytelling drives business transformation and unleashes your full creative potential.

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We cater to businesses and studios in search of groundbreaking creative advertising solutions, podcast design and production, audio meditations, and immersive sound design for animation, anime, video games, and cartoons. From the initial spark of conceptualization to the final stages of writing, voicing, and production, we meticulously handle every detail. 


Focusing on the automotive, amusement park, documentary, and guided meditations, Stanley Fisher brings nearly 30 years of experience to the table in advertising. Today, he dedicates himself to excelling in these four specialized areas of voice acting.

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Our audience includes aspiring voice actors aiming to break into the industry and seasoned professionals looking to boost their ROI or redesign their brand. Leveraging Stanley's extensive background in branding and advertising, we provide the expertise needed to achieve your voice acting career goals.

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Targeting everyday leaders in the Tampa area, this community is dedicated to enhancing leadership skills across various life domains. We believe everyone is a leader at some point in their lives, and our goal is to nurture those skills for personal and professional growth.

Let's Build Together Something Amazing!

A Bit About Stan

Stanley Fisher brings nearly two decades of experience as a creative director, specializing in advertising, script writing, voice acting, audio design, booth directing, production, and coaching in voice-over, personal development, and leadership. His extensive expertise is enhanced by years of stage performance, directing, writing, on-camera acting, and producing with prestigious organizations such as The New York Acting Ensemble, The Courtyard Playhouse, The 2nd City - Los Angeles, The Groundlings - Los Angeles, BIG Improv - Baltimore, iHeartmedia, and Entercom Media. Additionally, he provides leadership and team-building training through Creative Self-Mastery and Everyday Conscious Leadership.

Stanley's work with major brands in advertising has been a cornerstone of his career. He has provided creative insight for top brands across the United States and abroad, contributing to high-profile campaigns.

As a coach, Stanley offers an engaging, no-nonsense approach complemented by fun and interactive techniques that provide his clients with powerful insights into human behavior. Over the past decade, he has worked with a diverse range of clients, from newcomers to seasoned professionals, big brands to local mom-and-pop shops, helping them elevate their brand message, ROI, community support, and social status.

Stanley is now expanding his influence through leadership and team-building. He has been traveling to Europe to further his coaching business, speaking to groups about addiction, manifestation, and self-mastery. Recently, he launched Creative Self-Mastery in London. In Florida, he is spearheading Everyday Conscious Leadership, focusing on fostering mindful and effective leadership practices.

Stanley is passionate about consulting artists, small business owners, and leaders, guiding them to envision and achieve the businesses they truly desire. His leadership extends beyond traditional coaching, integrating self-mastery principles to empower his clients to reach their fullest potential.

Stanley's multifaceted experience and leadership in both the creative and business realms make him a sought-after consultant, coach, voice actor, and audio designer dedicated to fostering growth and excellence in his clients. His work with major brands and their advertising campaigns underscores his ability to drive results and create impactful, lasting impressions.

Embrace the journey with Stanley Fisher and discover the power of creative self-mastery and conscious leadership, transforming your vision into reality and achieving unparalleled success.

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